Bathrooms are usually among some of the smallest rooms in a home and yet they are quite complex. Because of all the water, tub , shower, toilet, sink and other possible fixtures; allot of planning is required and care must be taken in the construction/assembly process. In addition their is electrical and exhausting to consider and arrange in co-operation with the other trades. Incorrectly designed and built bathroom spaces have a high risk of potential moisture problems. There are many bath products on the market that may attract you due to the up front price but historical evidence shows they lead to premature failure and other complications.

Our policy is to design your bathroom with all facets of the space and use thereof in mind and than review it with you to discuss the unique aspects you may wish to incorporate. Bathroom remodels have been one of our frequent project types and we can apply that experience to helping you create an effective bathroom space. We can design your space with our CAD system and guide you through the labyrinth of choices.