An old proverb is “what you put into it is what you get out of it”. This is still true today and especially in the building and renovation arena good planning will ensure better results. Unfortunately too many construction projects are entered into too hastily and haphazardly causing undue stress and aggravation to everyone involved but ultimately resulting in the biggest loss being carried by the homeowner.

Proper planning and strategic procedures can streamline the process and make it a satisfying experience. Whether you have already chosen your contractor or you are soliciting bids it is very important that the details have been defined in order to ensure accuracy and clarity. Without proper planning and documentation there is a great potential for “Grey area” that may cost you more than you are expecting. The way that a job will be completed is often determined by the way it begins.

Pre-construction Renderings

How many times did you buy a car without first seeing it and taking it for a test drive? In most cases before we invest in big ticket items we conduct a thorough inspection of the product first, it only makes good sense. So why would you make what could be one of the major investments of your lifetime without even seeing what the finished product will look like before you pay for it?

Pre-construction renderings take the guesswork out of building. We can design and “build” a house on our CAD software and than take pictures of the interior and exterior of the “finished” project before it is built. We can even take you on a virtual tour or “walk-through” of the house or renovation project before you make the down payment on the building project.