The type of project you are about to embark on will determine the preparation required. If you are building a new home or other structure it will most likely be less invasive and some of the tips below will not be applicable.

Complex additions and intrusive remodel projects however are likely to infringe on some of your daily routines. These issues can be difficult if you blindly move ahead without giving them any thought prior to the project. However with proper preparation even an elaborate and invasive remodeling project can be an enjoyable experience.

1. Clear the area

Before the remodeling starts you should have the majority of your possessions packed up and out of the way. The more that you can pack away before the construction begins the less you will have to clean up afterward. A reputable contractor will take dust control measures but even the best methods can not contain all of the dust.

2. Create a Communication Center

Designate an area where you can leave messages for your contractor. A good place for this is by the entry way that everyone will use. Set up some type of a message board. Contact numbers and any special requests should be left on your message board.

This is especially important if you will be out of the house (at work) at times throughout the project.

3. Arrange how you will Safeguard you home in your absence

In many cases you cannot be present throughout the duration of the project. Maybe you will be there to let the contractor into your home in the morning but he will need to lock up when he leaves because you will not be home yet. You may have to make copies of your keys to give to the contractor. This is a good thing to consider while you are in the “choosing” mode. Do you feel this person and his/her company employees are the type of people you would want to be in your home when you are not there. Would you feel safe knowing they have a key to your home?

4. Keep Children and Pets safe

Create an area to keep your pets in while there are contractors in your home, and be sure that your children are kept safe and out of the construction zone.

5. Check your Itinerary

Arrange the schedule so that you will not be having company in your home for at least a week prior to and a month after the project completion date. This will allow you to relax and enjoy the process much more.


You have chosen your contractor carefully and thoroughly prepared for this project. Your part of the job is over and you should allow your contractor to spearhead the project.