The Process

Now that the project is underway you can still take some easy measures to ensure it runs smoothly and concludes successfully.

1. Communication is still key!

• Make it a point to have a conversation with your contractor every day. Even if you have nothing in particular to ask or say, a friendly chat will go a long way in maintaining an open relationship.

• If you have a question in your mind about something, ask! regardless how small the question is it is important that you share it.

2. Let the men do their work.

• communication is key but incessant chattering will delay the project
• although offering a drink or some cookies occasionally may enhance their desire to serve you better

3. A half baked loaf of bread is not delicious.

• Being aware of how the work is being done and the quality of the workmanship is important. However while monitoring the project you must remember that not all parts of the process will be clean and pretty. Allow any certain task within the project to be completed before giving it the final inspection.

4. Try to keep your driveway and possibly even part of your garage open and accessible to the contractor. This will help the work to flow better and provide safety from the elements for your products.

5. Utilize a means of communication (in person or message board) so that every evening you are aware of the schedule for the next day.

6. You may want to take pictures throughout the project and keep them in an album to remember the excitement of the process.