Note From The Owner’s Desk:

We Design Your Schuylkill County, PA Dream Project
And Make It A Reality


Ready to replace that roof? Our Schuylkill County, PA roofing contractors can help! From shingles to steel to cedar shakes we have the experience you need to repair your roof so it lasts for many years. See how our roofing contractors help by clicking below.


Are you tired of your old siding making your beautiful Schuylkill County, PA home look beat up? Want better protection from the elements and a refreshed exterior? Find out more by clicking below!


Your old deck looking pretty beat up? If you are in the market to update your exterior, build up  more outdoor space, or get second floor decking-we can help! Discover superior quality and craftsmen centred solutions for your needs by clicking below!


You want to update your entire kitchen, just add new cabinets?
We can help! See how we can help you make your next kitchen the heart of your home!


Looking to update your exterior, expand your space, or remodel an out of date room? We can help! From designing new additions to updating existing rooms, our team will help you realize your dream-today!

What Our Clients Are Saying

How We Help

Are you ready to repair your roof, add a new addition, remodel a room, update your exterior, or build a custom home in  Schuylkill County, PA-but have a budget you worry won’t work? Martin Carpentry Inc. can help! How? With craftsmen quality carpenters who work quickly, vendor relations that allow us to secure premium products at low rates, and swiftly finished projects that allows us to pass the savings in overhead along to you. Our customer centered process ensures that everything from the first design to the finished project not only turns out how you want, and stays in your budget. When your next project needs done right the first time, call us.

Our Promise To You

When you work with Martin Carpentry Inc you aren’t just hiring another contractor to knock out some cheap repairs. No. When you work with us you are teaming up with a group of dedicated professionals including roofing contractors to help you to make your dream design a reality.

We promise to listen to what you want and work with you to design your dream, then make it a reality. We’ll be there every step of the way and work with you to get the product, look, layout, and feel you want for your finished project. Don’t just take our word for it though. Check out what many of our satisfied customers have to say about our results!


Note From The Owner’s Desk:

Hello everyone. Vern and I wanted to take a moment and acknowledge that what’s been happening has changed the lives of a lot of people. Our response at Martin Carpentry has been to make the most of our days. We’ve been working to stay ahead of the challenges and adapt to the changes.  We are working on making changes to guarantee our clients and staff can stay safe.

Need to talk? The best time to reach us is in the morning (M-F 8-3) when we are at the office. If that doesn’t work, call, leave a message, and we’ll schedule an afternoon call so we can talk.

We want you to know we are here to continue to help you. To ensure we provide you the best service possible we offer free roof and siding evaluations. We use drone imagery to measure your home for roof and siding projects. In many cases we don't even need to go to your home to give you an estimate. Utilizing digital technology, we work with you at a distance to get your job done! Call us! We will explain the process.

-Jenny & Vern