About Us

Martin Carpentry Inc

Martin Carpentry is a family-run business that has been providing excellent carpentry services to exceed customer expectations throughout Pennsylvania for almost thirty years.

Our professional craftsmen take pride in the quality of their workmanship and work together to make sure every project is completed to the highest standard, on time and within budget. Our team includes expert builders, carpenters, project managers, designers, the very best customer service you can find.

Meet The Team Martin Carpentry is run by the husband and wife team, Vernon and Jenny Martin. Vernon is responsible for creating bespoke designs and can provide 3D images using his specialist CAD technology that can help customers visualize a range of different ideas before deciding on the very best solution


Jenny uses her organizing skills to run the office. She is a great listener and as a working mom she understands what customers need; she also adds some practical ideas that can turn a good design into a great reality. When they're not hard at work, both love spending time with their family and they love to go on walks and bike rides. 
General Manager, Miles, makes sure all the materials used in a Martin Carpentry installation are of the very best quality. He takes care of the ordering and his careful attention to detail means every job goes smoothly from start to finish.
Jeff, our Production Manager: he specializes in taking care of kitchens and his meticulousness means every tiny component is planned thoroughly. 
Our Project Manager, Logan, has all the skills needed to make sure every installation is completed to the highest standard. The team works well together and there is always some banter, or singing from Logan, to add a little cheer to the work.