Martin Carpentry Inc:Who We Are

Pennsylvania’s Carpentry Solution

Hello and welcome to Martin Carpentry Inc, Pennsylvania’s family ran carpentry solution! 

Martin Carpentry is family business owned and ran by Jenny and Vern Martin. For the last thirty years they, along with their team of dedicated craftsmen and managers, have been helping people just like you make their home design dreams a reality!

Martin Carpentry is a truly unique company in the construction industry. Unlike other budget construction firms we provide superior quality, our team gets updated training every year so we can provide extended warranties on products, and we work with you to realize your design dream. Here’s why!

We Provide Customer Centered Design:Here’s Why

Your home matters. It’s where you raise your family, share time with friends, and feel comfortable unwinding after a long day. That’s why, unlike other budget construction firms, we work directly with you to realize the design of your dream-no matter your project need or scope.

When you enlist our help we work with you from the first day to project completion to realize the look and feel of your project. This way the finalized project comes out exactly how you want! But don’t just take our word for it, hear what our clients have to say!

You interested in learning why our clients have such nice things to say about our work? It’s because of our promise to you!

Our Promise To You

We promise, no matter the scope, complexity, or demand of your project to work with you to design your dream and make it a reality. It doesn’t matter if you are putting up a new addition, repairing a roof, adding a new deck, redoing the exterior, or building a custom home-we have the experience you need to get the project done the right way the first time.

Interested in seeing how we help? Check out our Services page and see if our solutions are right for you!

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Project Manager: Logan,
has all the skills needed to make sure every installation is completed to the highest standard. The team works well together and there is always some banter, or singing from Logan, to add a little cheer to the work.
General Manager: Miles,
makes sure all the materials used in a Martin Carpentry installation are of the very best quality. He takes care of the ordering and his careful attention to detail means every job goes smoothly from start to finish.
Production Manager: Jeff,
he specializes in taking care of kitchens and his meticulousness means every tiny component is planned thoroughly.