Home Remodels And New Additions

Are y​ou looking to remodel your home or add a new addition, but find every contractor you talk to all say the same thing, that your project is ‘too complex’? Don’t worry, we can help! Here at Martin Carpentry our team of craftsmen have the experience needed to tackle any project, no matter its complexity. From tear outs, to renovations, to completely new additions we have the team, time, and experience needed to make your next project have the look you want. Find out more below.

Remodel Your Home

Want to update a room or remodel your entire floor? We can help! Get the look you want, add the space you’ve been craving, or finally add that new bathroom-it doesn’t matter! Our experience, team of craftsmen, and CAD driven design experience means any project, no matter the size or complexity, is not too tough to tackle!

Get Professional Help Picking Product    

Using the right products for your project matters. Whether you are adding a room or remodeling an entire floor we can work with you to pick the best product and ensure your update lasts for decades to come. From drywall to lumber, to flooring and beyond-we have access to the best product possible. If you’ve already picked your product our team can handle the installation-just ask!

Get That Addition You’ve Been Dreaming Of

You want to make a new addition to your house? We can help! We have experience updating homes to include new bathrooms, family rooms, or entire wings! We can make it happen! We’ll work with you to make your next addition look the way you want! Learn how below.

Are you ready to update your home to have the look you want? We can help with our decades of  experience remodeling homes, installing additions, and more! No matter the size of your project we can get it done. If you are ready to get a quote and start the process click the ‘schedule’ button below. If you want more information about the process, our experience, and a chance to see our results sign up for our free Remodel Newsletter and get our best tips to making your next update look the way you want!
We’ve been in the construction business since 1992 and in that time have worked with hundreds of satisfied clients on every project possible from building new kitchens, homes, replacing roofs, or more. But don’t just take our word for it. Hear what they have to say!


Vernon Martin and his crew renovated our pavilion into a workout studio and place for me to meet with my consulting clients. Vernon's process is amazing. He helped us initially to just understand what we COULD do and what it would cost approximately for budget with and without various items. It is hard to know how to visualize something without being able to simultaneously have an idea of the project cost. Vernon openly helped with that. Vernon has a program that allowed us to "see" inside the finished building and change things like the window size and the bathroom layout. We knew what things would look like in 3D ahead of time. During construction - Vernon and his team were nothing short of amazing. There was quite frankly a major part of the flooring that did not work. Vernon's foreman was ON TOP OF IT and did not settle until it was right. There was great communication and no extra cost to us - just excellent work. These guys show up on time, don't play loud music or cuss and they CLEAN UP.... Daily. It is actually really amazing in today's world that we had someone who we felt like we could totally trust at all times. Thanks Martin Carpentry for making our vision come to life! 
-  Wayne H.

After calling, the contractor came right around the time that i was given. He was very nice and professional and took care of my gutter problem. (He stood on my roof chipping ice out of my gutter in 2 feet of snow!) He was also very knowledgeable and took the time to explain to my wife and me the how and why and how to prevent future problems. I would highly recommend Martin Carpentry! 
- Jake M.

My house required roof repairing after a tree had fallen and damaged a sizeable section. I contacted Martin Carpentry after discovering they earned a A+ Better Business Bureau rating! Little over a week later my roof was repaired and i could not be more satisfied. Martin Carpentry proved to be A+ in both management and work crew. 
- D. McMahon


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