Martin Roofing & Siding

 Exterior Division of  Martin Carpentry Inc.

Roofing by Martin Roofing and Siding
Ready to replace that roof? Our Schuylkill County, PA roofing contractors can help! From shingles to steel to cedar shakes we have the experience you need to repair your roof so it lasts for many years. See how our roofing contractors help by clicking below.
Are you tired of your old siding making your beautiful Schuylkill County, PA home look beat up? Want better protection from the elements and a refreshed exterior? Find out more by clicking below!
Decking by Martin Roofing & Siding
Your old deck looking pretty beat up? If you are in the market to update your exterior, build up more outdoor space, or get second floor decking-we can help! Discover superior quality and craftsmen centred solutions for your needs by clicking below!