Owner, Vernon Martin enjoys working with clients helping then to stay within their budget and he enjoys being able to create 3D images for them with CAD software so clients can visualize their finished project.

He also enjoys spending time with his family and going on bike rides.

I am the owner's wife, Jenny I enjoy working in the office.

 I also love being with my family and feel so blessed that I can work from home and be with my little ones. 
Miles is our General Manager. He answers the calls that come in and schedules appointments. He works hard to order all the material for each job so that your project can go smoothly.
Jeff is our Production Manager. His expertise is kitchens. When it comes to a kitchen job he is absolutely meticulous. He pays attention to even the smallest detail. He is fun to be about and loves friendly banter.
Logan is our Project Manager. He works hard to make sure your project goes smoothly from the day it starts until completion. He is also very meticulous. It does not matter what type of job it is when he leaves it will be as spotless as possible. You may get to hear him signing or whistling on the job.
Austin helps on the job when he is needed and also helps in the office. He often has a funny joke to share and whereever he is it won't be long until there is laughter.